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Tips for a Lasting Relationship & Road Trip Video

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What is the Key to a Lasting Relationship?

Everyone has thought about this question at one point or another and everyone wants to know the answer. If you ask multiple people or even experts you’ll get multiple responses. For the most part, there will be a lot of similarities within their answers. However, I can only speak of what I know and draw only from personal experience. So here are two key tips to a lasting relationship. 

After living together for some time Drew and I got busy with our own individual work and careers and we realized that we weren’t spending much time with each other. Of course living together with your partner means you get to see them every day.  You see them first thing in the morning and last before bedtime, which is great but if that’s all the time you are getting together then you are not really “spending time together.” I hope theses tips help you stay on the path to a long lasting relationship. First up

Check in periodically with each other

The great thing about our relationship is that we like to check in with each other by asking questions like:

  • How are you doing mentally, physically, emotionally?
  • Are you happy with life, with me, with us?

The great thing about this is that you are giving each other the opportunity to communicate. And communication really is the key to any healthy relationship, not just a romantic one.

So when Drew and I sat down to talk and we checked in with each other we realized that there was a gap between us and it was bothering both us. We weren’t spending enough quality time together. So we made a commitment to each other that no matter how busy our schedules get we will find time for each other. So, in essence, we decided to,

Never Stop Dating Each Other

I don’t know if we heard this from someone else actually, I’m pretty sure we did. However, sometimes people hear good dating advice and never implement it into their own relationship until it’s too late. So when Drew and I realized that our schedule was keeping us from spending quality time together we decided to schedule date nights once a week.

At the beginning of any relationship, people clear their schedules to go on dates. They are in the “honeymoon” phase as many like to call it. But Drew and I decided early on in our relationship that the “honeymoon” phase was something we never wanted to let go of. Of course, people grow comfortable with each other as time goes by which is part of a healthy relationship as well.

But how comfortable is too comfortable?

I mean do you wait until you start taking each other for granted?

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Tips on Date Nights

We tend to have date nights the same day every week. Sometimes it changes depending on our schedules but for the most part, we know what day of the week it’s going to be and we look forward to it.

Going on a date once a week might seem like a lot of work and it might be for some. But date nights don’t have to be complicated, extravagant or expensive. They can be very simple. For us sometimes it can be going out for Frozen Yogurt or staying in for movie night or going out to a museum on free nights. Honestly, the most important thing is that you are experiencing life together and growing as a couple because of it.

I hope these tips for a lasting relationship are helpful, What do you guys think, do you agree, disagree and why? Let me know in the comments. And don’t  forget to share if you like. 

ps. Thanks to our friends Nei and Kona for taking these pictures and some of  the footage you’ll see in the video below.


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  • Ivette

    I soooo agree with you! Never stop dating… that’s actually my favorite thing to do. The one on one I cherish, especially without the kids or distractions =)
    Love you Prima and God bless your relationship! Que viva el amor ❤️

  • Hilda

    Beautiful….I sure will be bringing these tips to my next relationship. Communication has always been a main thing for me, it is very important in every relationship. Thank you for sharing! Love you guys!

    • myroadtea

      Thank you sis, honestly communicating doesn’t always come easy for me. It’s a challenge but I’ve learned relationship don’t work without it. Love you!

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