• Groom (Drew Anthuny) standing in front of a mike with his guitar singing his song 'Came Here For' that he wrote for his wife. Yaritza his wife sits in front oh him listening intently.
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    We Said I Do in Orcutt Ranch | pt. 2 Wedding Reception

    Wedding Reception Bliss… We made it you guys! Drew and I became Mr & Mrs on November 4, 2018. Our wedding ceremony was beautiful and emotional, we were surrounded by the love of our friends and family and of course nature which is exactly what we wanted. Read all about how we said: “I Do in Orcutt Ranch here.” You can also read our engagement story here. After the ceremony, all the nerves were gone and it was time to party! The celebration of love continued at our wedding reception that also took place in Orcutt Ranch. We had a perfect first dance, amazing speeches by our guests of honor, a delicious…

  • Drew Anthuny and Yaritza get married in Orcutt Ranch, California
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    We Said I Do in Orcutt Ranch! | pt. 1 Wedding Ceremony

    Our Road To Mr & Mrs in our Beautiful Outdoor Venue Orcutt Ranch – California November 4th, 2018 was one of the best days of our lives because Drew and I finally got to say I Do. And it was a dream come true. We had the most beautiful outdoor venue, Orcutt Ranch in Southern California and the love of friends and family. If you are new here you can read our engagement story here. At last, I’m getting around to sharing our wedding photos. A lot of people have been asking and I’m finally delivering. It’s been hard to choose our favorites considering our photographer LizztinPhotos did such an…

  • Drew Anthuny on one knew proposing to his girlfriend Yaritza creator of myroadtea while being surrounded by trees in palos verde California.
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    I’m Engaged!

    Photos by Nicolas Marks Oh, my gosh guys, I’m engaged!!! I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I feel!!! As a woman, I’ve dreamed about this moment for a really long time but no amount of daydreaming could have prepared me for the rush of emotions that took over my body when it actually happened. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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    Wedding Adventures

    Marry Me Weddings are always a lot of fun. It seems like this past year I’ve attended quite a few weddings. You see my boyfriend Drew Anthuny has a song called Marry Me if you haven’t heard the song you can catch a snippet of it here. Marry Me is a beautiful story about a man proposing to his beloved. Follow my blog with Bloglovin