Sunday Adventure - Enjoying a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Donut Friend at the Smorgasburg LA Food Market
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SMORGASBURG – LA a Sunday Adventure

Sunday Adventure - Enjoying a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich from Donut Friend at the Smorgasburg LA Food Market

I think I’m going to make Sunday Adventures a weekly series. Who doesn’t like #SundaFunday, right? I swear one of my favorite things in the world is spending time with my beloved. And one of the things we love doing is going on adventures and experiencing new things together. So a Sunday Adventure Series will be perfect! That way we can keep exploring and bringing you guys some Sunday inspiration.

So this past Sunday we headed out to Downtown- LA for the Smorgasburg market which is an open-air food market. It’s open every Sunday and because of our amazing weather here in LA, it remains open all year round. Now if you are in New York the original home of the Smorgasburg Flea-Food Market in Brooklyn you can visit their two different locations on Saturday or Sunday. For more info on those, you can click here.

Now for those of you who dislike going to Downtown LA because of the parking situation…. Fear no more as there is FREE 2-hour parking in a lot with 4,000 spots available. (785 Bay St., Los Angeles, CA 90021) Now you have no excuses to go out and enjoy a Sunday afternoon at ROW DTLA.

wood Structure directing traffic- where to go to find the goods you are looking for at the Smorgasburg LA

Drew smiling - SMORGASBURG - LA-Sunday Adventure

Smorgasburg LA is open from 10am-4pm. It does get really hot and there’s minimum shade so if you want to avoid the extreme sun I would recommend going before noon. Also the later you go the more crowded it gets. Drew and I arrived around 11 am which I think is the sweet spot. By the time it started to get really hot we were already on our way out.

Sunday Adventure Food

Okay, let’s talk about the delicious food available at Smorgasburg LA! There’s dozens of options and something for every taste bud. We decided to go with The NoMad Truck which is known for their chicken burgers. And let me tell you those chicken burgers did not disappoint. We ordered The NoMad Burger and the Ludo Lefebvre Burger with their rosemary and lemon fries. Everything was so good! The Ludo burger with its crispy chicken skin was Drew’s favorite and the NoMad was my favorite.

For desserts, Smorgasburg LA offers plenty of options as well. I wanted to try everything because everything looked so yummy and I have a huge sweet tooth. But I decided on Donut Friend why? because they have the Donut Ice Cream Sandwich! I’ve never seen one before and I just had to try it. So with Donut Friend you can create your own, so I chose the MC5 Spice donut with vanilla ice cream, nom nom nom 🙂

It’s really good but also super sweet so if you are sensitive to sugar you might think it’s a little too sweet.

Watermelon Basil Drink with a Lavender Flower Stem
Watermelon/Basil drink with a Lavender Flower Stem. (not a huge fan of watermelon but the lavender is a nice touch)

The NoMad Truck at Smorgasburg LA Sundays Adventure

The NoMad Burger and The Ludo Lefebvre Burger - Sundays at Smorgasburg LA
Top: NoMad Burger Bottom: Ludo Lefebvre Burger

Holding the Ludo Lefebvre Burger from the NoMad Truck LA

Donut selections from Donut Friend at the Smorgasburg LA

Donut Friend handing me over my donut ice cream creation
The delicious MC5 Spice donut with vanilla ice cream 😛
Drew eating a Donut Friend ice cream sandwich
Sharing my sweets with Drew 😉

They also have live music, and cute little vendors that sell anything from used books, vintage clothes and jewelry to home decor, candles, plants etc. for a list of full vendors click here. Oh, I almost forgot they also have a beer garden next to the live music section. Drew and I didn’t go in since we weren’t really feeling like having beers that day.

Band Black Crystal Wolf Kids playing live at Smorgasburg LA
Live Music Provided by Black Crystal Wolf Kids.

Band Black Crystal Wolf Kids playing live at Smorgasburg LA

This Indie Rock Tribute Band was amazing and super high energy, check them out on IG here.

Also, guys follow me on Instagram if you don’t already since I’m always posting on my Insta Stories. That was you can see these adventures live if want. Also, FYI Smorgasburg LA will be open this Easter Sunday so if you are looking for something to do, check them out. I hear they will have yummy easter theme treats!

Have a great week/ weekend guys, love you all thanks for reading. Any questions/ comments add them below I would love to hear from you.

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