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Sisters New York Weekend Itinerary & Vlog!

Hello, TEA Birds!

I recently met up with my sisters in New York City for a fun weekend! And I’m here to share all the details with you. So let’s go….

As most of you guys know I live in Los Angeles, Ca. However, my immediate family lives in Boston, MA where I grew up.

So how did this New York trip come about?

Well, I won an online contest that included a 2-Night Stay at the W New York – Union Square Hotel. I know crazy right?! The prize packet included a few other amazing goodies that I will talk about in another post. So stay tuned for that.

So my initial reaction when I found out I had a 2-night stay at the W Hotel in Union Square was to invite Drew for a romantic New York weekend adventure. However and sorry Drew lol. I felt like my sisters and I never really get to hang out just us girls. Especially since we live on opposite sides of the country. So I thought it would be really nice to invite them to the big apple for a fun sister New York weekend. 

Sisters on top of the New York Empire State Building

2-Day New York Itinerary

First I want to give a shout out and a huge thanks to W New York-Union Square for the amazing stay and hospitality. They popped a bottle of champagne when we checked that commemorated the start of a great weekend.  W New York – Union Square was the perfect central location for our NYC weekend. It gave us easy access to the subway and it was located walking distance to Madison Square Park, the Flat Iron Building and so much more.

Day 1 – Friday

So for our Itinerary, we decided we will each pick one thing we wanted to do and one place we wanted to eat at. So for our first night, we had a quick dinner at Rattle N Hum East a craft beer bar and kitchen.  Then we visited the Museum of Sex! Definitely an interesting experience. The Museum of Sex is filled with tons of education, information, explicit art, and even a super fun boob bouncy house. Perfect for a sister/girls weekend!

Friday night we went dancing at Copacabana and had some serious fun on the dance floor. Shout to @DjChino1 for all the great music. After all the dancing we ended our night with some pizza slices at Carve.

Day 2 – Saturday

Our second day was full of exploration. First, we walked over to the Flat Iron building. I wanted a picture in front of the building but found it rather difficult considering how tall it is lol. Afterward, we walked over to the Empire State Building and took the elevator all the way up to the 86th floor. Seeing New York City from that high was breathtaking and very peaceful. You can’t hear the hustle and bustle of the streets down below, all you hear is the wind hitting the side of your face. 

For dinner, that day my younger sister wanted to go to La Casa del Mofongos in Washington Heights so we hopped on the subway. Now a Yew York trip wouldn’t be complete without a, “I got lost on the subway” story. Lol… In my defense, I was following my sister because she said she knew where she was going. Actually, it wasn’t that bad, we did get on the right train but got off on the wrong stop. So after we figured that out we eventually made our way to the restaurant. La Casa del Mofongo is a Dominican restaurant, the place is very lively and the food was delicious.

We also went dancing Saturday night and it was a lot of fun. I don’t remember the name of the club we went to…But I always enjoy N.Y  Latin clubs more than L.A Latin Clubs just because I feel like the music is always better. And I always have more fun.

Yaritza Sitting in front of the Pietro Nolita pink steps

Day 3 – Sunday

My sisters New York Weekend ended with Sunday brunch at Pietro Nolita which was amazing! Definitely my favorite spot in New York this weekend. Pietro Nolita is all pink and cute and the staff is super nice.  

Pancakes & French toast at Pietro Nolita NYC Sunday brunch spread.

Pietro Nolita has a delicious Sunday brunch menu with some fun drinks. I order the Violetta Fizz which was a lavender-infused vodka cocktail that was super refreshing and perfect for brunch. FYI they only accept cash or American Express so be prepared if not they do have an atm inside if you need it.

Selfie of the Betancourt Sisters during the New York Weekend trip

This brunch marked the end of my Sisters New York weekend trip. I hope you enjoyed the photos and Vlog. I’m planning on returning to New York with Drew in the future so if you have any other suggestions of places to visit leave them below in the comments. Or if you go to New York and visit any of these places share your experience with me.

Love you mucho,


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