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Connecting to the World via Portals

Gold Shipping Container for the Portals Projectin

Imagine walking into a giant Gold Shipping container and being transported to a different part of the world. Sounds cool right?

Well that’s exactly what the Portals Project is all about. It’s an immersive experience walking into a gold shipping container and instantly being connected to someone who’s located in another country. Drew and I got to participate in this experience last week and it was amazing.

We connected with individuals our own age in Gaza City, Palestine. Drew and I didn’t know what to expect so we just went in with an open mind. We were both super excited and a little nervous. 

Connecting to the world via Portals Connecting to the world via portals

Connecting to the world via Portals

What I experienced was joy, we were greeted with smiling faces and curious minds. What I found interesting was the common interest among us. One of the young men Mr. Muhammad has a blog in which he writes about his life in Gaza City and the other young man Walid is a photographer. Check out the blog here and check out Walid IG here.

Our encounter lasted for about 15 minutes, I wish we had more time so I could ask more question about their life, what a typical day looks like, what are other hobbies and interest… Because I feel like in the end humans are more alike than they are different. And that is why I feel the Portals Project is so important and powerful.

inside the gold Shipping container meeting millennials in Gaza City
The wonderful people we met through the Portals Project
All smiles after our Portals Project experience
All Smiles

Yaritza standing in front of the giant gold shipping container after connecting with people through The Portals Project

I would definitely recommend checking out their website (here) and once a Portal comes to a city near you sign up and go. The Portals project is connecting people from Cuba and Mexico, Gaza City, Berlin and many more.  They are still here in Los Angeles till Sunday April 23, 2017 so make sure to check them out if you can at Grand Park LA.

Drew with Downtown LA in the back from Grand Park LA Yaritza with Downtown LA views in the back from Grand Park LA

Drew and I are so grateful for this organization for providing us and many others with this experience. What do you guys think about these Portals? If you had the opportunity would you participate? What country would you like to connect with? Leave your comments and answers below.

Have a blessed day TEA Birds,



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