My thoughts on La La Land
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Personal Thoughts on La La Land

Personal thoughts on La La Land

I was walking down the street in the city of stars with broken dreams when I entered a sketchy dive bar and heard for the first time the soulful voice of Drew Anthuny. As we locked eyes and started walking towards each other, closing the gap between us, we knew we were meant to be together. This would be the beginning of our love story if Drew and I were the stars of the new movie LA LA LAND but we’re not, haha. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the stars of this stunning new musical LA LA LAND out next month, December 9th.

Drew and I had the privilege of  seeing the LA premiere a couple of weeks ago at the AFI fest, and we loved the movie so much. It was exciting, touching, romantic and very true to real life. So I wanted to share my thoughts on this movie with you, and if you get the chance to go see it next month please do, it’s definitely a must watch in my book.

Quick Synopsis

LA LA LAND tells the story of an aspiring actress, and a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern-day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life, explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams. ‘excerpt taken from the official LA LA LAND movie website.’
Personal thoughts on La La Land
For those of you who don’t know, I moved to LA seven years ago from Boston to pursue my dreams of becoming an actress. Drew is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised on the outskirts of this beautiful city. Now can you see why this movie hit home for us?

Watching Emma Stone’s character struggle through her auditions, her job and just life in general as an artist here in LA was like watching myself. Sitting in that movie theater I was reminded of why I quit acting, and at the same time, I felt nostalgic for a time in my life when my hopes & dreams of becoming a working actress were very much alive. I can’t say that I miss auditions but I miss working on a project and developing a character, and most of all chasing that dream.

The film is also filled with amazing songs and lyrics.  One of the lyrics that Emma Stone sings goes like this:

Here’s to the ones who dream,
foolish as the may seem,
here’s to the hearts that ache,
here’s to the mess we make.
She captured a feeling,
sky with no ceiling,
the sunset inside her frame…”

Most of the songs in the film are beautiful and tragic at the same time. I think there’s an actual statistic that says people move to LA in search of their dreams and within six months leave to go back home because it’s just too hard. Now imagine pursuing your dreams and then meeting the love of your life and it doesn’t quite turn out the way you want. What if you have to choose between having the love of your life or achieving your dreams? It’s not as simple as some may think, it’s definitely a very gray area.

Another lyric in the movie that sticks out in my head is sung by Ryan Gosling:
City of Stars are you shining just for me,
City of stars there’s so much that I can’t see,
who knows is this the start of something wonderful and new or another dream that I can not make true…”
Literally, this movie broke my heart so many times and I want to watch it a hundred times more.  Drew and I talked after the film and we both agreed that we will always put our love first in front of any career opportunity. Of course, we both want to achieve our dreams but not at the cost of our relationship. We both want to be able to share our success with each other. If we reach the top and we’re not standing with each other then what is the point?
Personal thoughts on La La Land
I won’t ruin the ending for you because I think it’s a beautiful film and everyone should go see it but the ending was very nontraditional for a Hollywood film especially a musical. It gave Drew and me a lot to think about and consider as individual artists and as a couple. Anyway if you love old Hollywood Glamour, great love stories, musicals, movies that move you or just Ryan Gosling I would recommend this film.

If you want to read about another movie that hit home for us  with similar themes about hopes and dreams check out Don’t Think Twice

What movies are you excited to see next month?
I know there’s a few that come out in December that I want to see. 
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