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Perfect Sunday Afternoon in LA!

Sharing a laugh on a Perfect Sunday Afternoon-LA

If you are from Los Angeles you know that LA is a really big city with endless possibilities. There is always something to do here, so I can almost guarantee you will never suffer from boredom. You can also spend a perfect Sunday afternoon in LA without much planning. Sort of like we did…

Spending a Perfect Sunday afternoon in LA

This past weekend Drew and I had the joy of spending an afternoon with our friends the Riggins. The plan was to meet up for brunch at one of Drew’s favorite, Tart Restaurant. However we didn’t make a reservation so when we arrived they said it will be an Hour and A Half for a table, Geez! We should have known better after all Sunday Brunch in L.A is like a time-honored tradition.

The Original Farmers Market

But instead of getting hangry we decided to cross the street over to The Original Farmers Market. I love the Farmers Market over on Fairfax & 3rd. You can never go wrong with a multitude of food options. Plus it’s really cool when everyone in your group can order from a different restaurant and still be able to sit together to enjoy each other’s company.

By the way, if you keep your eyes open you might spot a celebrity or two. 😉 I totally ran into Amy Adams in the ladies room and said HI! Probably with the cheesiest grin on my face but she was really sweet and I ended up holding the door open for her cute little daughter.

Crossing the Street on a Sunday afternoon in LALove in front of the Originals Farmers Market

Melrose Trading Post

After we made our bellies happy with brunch we decided to go up a few blocks to Fairfax and Melrose. To explore the Melrose Trading Post which is basically a very trendy flea market. The Melrose Trading Post is open every Sunday from 9-5pm it’s $3 to get in and it’s located on the campus of Fairfax High School.

I’ve known about the Melrose Trading Post for a while but I’ve never made my way over there on a Sunday afternoon.  So as a first timer I was super excited, I love flea markets! I think it’s a perfect Sunday afternoon activity. And Melrose Trading Post has an array of arts & crafts, vintage clothing, antique furniture, and handcrafted artisan goods.

I ended up buying a delicious bath bomb from Happy Hippo Luxury that I can’t wait to bathe in. And we also got a cute little air plant to hang in our apartment from Urban Geometry.

vintage binoculars
Hunting for deals at Melrose Trading Post- Flea market
On the grounds of Fairfax High School during Melrose Trading Post.
I think I found the deal that I was looking for…but he’s priceless. 😉

Vintage Furniture shopping at Melrose Trading Post


Once we were done walking around we wanted some ice cream, so what better place then MILK which is literally located within the mile. Milk definitely has to be one of the top places for ice cream in LA. Their handmade ice creams are so rich, creamy and oh so delicious.

2 scoop ice cream cone from MILK -LA

MILK Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

So that’s it, our Perfect Sunday adventure in LA! That’s one of the beauties of this city you can just pick any little corner and have a great day exploring it. I hope this post gives you some ideas for how to spend your upcoming weekend or just your next Sunday afternoon. 🙂

What do you guys think makes up a Perfect Sunday Afternoon? Share in the comments below and give me some ideas.

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