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Non-traditional Christmas Couples Gift Guide

Hello TEA Birds!

With only  3 days left until Christmas, I’m guessing you are all done with your Christmas shopping list. However, If you are still missing a gift for that special person in your life. fear no more. For here are some ideas that require very little to no shopping at all. I bring to you the non-traditional couples gift guide.

Couples gift guide - handwritten letter

I’ve always been a big believer on gifts that come from the heart, that have a special meaning and are less about how much money is being spent. Which is why this is your non-traditional couples gift guide. 

Last year for Christmas Drew and I had just moved in together in November and it was also our first Christmas together. So I suggested for us not to exchange gifts because I know how easy it is for new couples to splurge on one another. But I also believe that money doesn’t translate into how much I like you, how much I love you or how much I care about you.

So last year what we did is that we stuffed our Christmas Stockings with a Hand-Written Letter describing what it means to spend Christmas together. We had a very special Christmas morning in our pajamas and opened our letters, read them to each other and felt our love grow even more as our connection grew deeper. What I love about this is that we created a beautiful memory and gave each other something that has sentimental value vs something material that will deteriorate over time. So here are some ideas on our

Non-traditional Couples Gift Guide:

  • Handwritten Letters Exchange
    • If you want to make it even more special put your letter in a Christmas stocking or a gift box.
  • Write him or her a poem
    • Worried about writing poetry? just google “Poetry Writing tips” and you’ll be fine. I wrote Drew a poem once & he appreciated it so much. The thought is what really counts.
  • If you are good with paint and/ or a brush or pencils, watercolor or charcoal make them, a painting a drawing or sketch.
  •  Bake your family’s favorite cookie recipe or treat. Place the cookies in a decorative mason jar.
  • Feel like going out? Take them to see your city’s Christmas lights while sharing some hot cocoa. A gift doesn’t always have to be a tangible item it can also be an experience. 😉

So there you have it tea birds, your Non-traditional Christmas Couples Gift Guide. I hope I was able to give you all a little inspiration. If you have any other non-traditional ideas, please share them with the community by leaving them in the comments below. Happy Holidays!

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