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“List 20” A Starter Guide to Attracting the Love of Your Life

List 20 guide to attracting true love

Hello T.E.A. birds!

This is Drew.  Yes, it is I…the man behind the camera. Today I am contributing a guest post about a different method of attracting someone of quality into your life that doesn’t involve an app, swiping left or right, or the internet for that matter. I call it the “List 20.” And I believe in it so much that I credit part of it to attracting the love of my life, Yaritza. 

Now the List 20 is a different approach towards dating. It’s created to focus more on your internal values, morals, and qualities. Before I explain how it works, let me tell you the story of how it worked for me. Before I met Yari, I was in a really bad relationship. The person I was with had high insecurities because of her past with men. It was a constant battle to prove myself and my loyalty to her. After that relationship ended I vowed to be patient and wait for the right person to come into my life. During that time a friend of mine told me about the List 20. So I applied it and after months of patience and discipline, the universe’s timing for Yari and I to create a life together struck perfectly.

In order for this to work, you must first truly be open and patient. If you are enjoying life, dating whoever, whenever and hooking up…then this isn’t for you. This is for the ones who are tired of the dating scene and still have faith in finding true love.

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So here are the rules and steps:

  1.  You need a pen, clean sheet of paper and a cup of TEA. Wink! Wink! no pun intended.
  2. Write a list of 20 traits you want in a person. (HERE IS THE CATCH: None of them can be physical features. NONE!!!)
    • Ex: Committed, loyal, good head on their shoulders, considerate…etc.)
  3.  Review the list thoroughly and then ask yourself, “would this person date me?” Asking yourself this question gets you in focus to see if  YOU ARE INTERNALLY ENOUGH for this person AS WELL. Do you possess the qualities that you seek? Remember this isn’t a wish list to Santa if you haven’t worked on yourself. IT’S A TWO WAY STREET.
  1. The next person you date has to meet 15 out of the 20 traits to qualify to date you. Yes! That’s 75% of the list. High I know! But if they don’t meet that standard then you can’t date them.
  2. You must have faith and discipline and STICK TO THE LIST.

See, the List 20 creates a standard that is more focused on the internal traits. The traits that really drive a successful relationship. Like the saying goes, “looks fade, but internal beauty doesn’t.” That’s the focus of this post. Our generation is so focused on the physical, we lost the true value of relationships. The cute old couple in the park that everyone hashtag’s #relationshipgoals seems like a distant dream to obtain but it requires a true internal connection. And we’re losing that as a generation.

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Cheers to Love!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I really hope this helps those who still believe. Experience true love once…that’s all you need.

Peace out TEA Birds. Till my next post.
Comment below your thoughts. Let me know if you would like for me to keep guest writing and what topics you would like for me to cover. 
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