Exploring Little Italy (San Diego)


Blue Light up sign of Little Italy San Diego

This Little Italy exploration came about because a couple of weeks ago we drove down to San Diego to watch the Boston Red Sox play against the San Diego Padres. The game was a lot of fun, to see pictures of our time in Petco Stadium you can click here.

This was my first time in San Diego so Drew wanted to show me the beauty that is Little Italy and without a doubt it was beautiful. 

Old school white stretched limo driving down the main street of Little Italy San Diego

Street Flowers in Little Italy

Drew and I are both drawn to Italian culture we love their food, their language and the passion in which Italians live their lives. We actually took an Italian speaking class at our local community college last summer. We are not fluent Italian speakers yet but we are hoping to make a trip to Italy next year and completely submerge ourselves in their culture.

If you go to Little Italy – San Diego I would definitely recommend stopping by Trattoria Fantastica this place is beautiful. Everything from the paintings on the walls to the tablecloths gave us a sense of homeyness. Our server who was also very welcoming spoke Italian. It was definitely a wonderful dining experience and of course to top it all off the food was delicious! I had this Pomodoro pasta pictured below with a glass of chardonnay. I know pasta can sometimes make you feel heavy however this plate was pretty light.

Plate of capellini Pomodoro from Trattoria Fantastica
Capellini Pomodoro
two wine glasses toasting
Cheers to Love & Italians!


painting on the wall of Town of Erice
Town of Erice – Northwest Coast – Island of Sicily

Honestly, my favorite thing about exploring new things and going on adventures is that I get to do them with my best friend/ my forever love.  We always learn new things from each other from every adventure. It doesn’t matter if the adventure is big, small, near or far. We always see each other in a new light and that is exciting.

Little Italy's red chair
Little Italy’s Red Chair. If I was a giant I would fit perfectly.

Drew & Yaritza taking Selfie

cheesing because we just ate some gelato.

Yaritza on the side walking eating gelato.
Enjoying my Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato!


Drew carrying a Red Bull
Got have that Red Bull to wake me for the long drive back home.

After a long day of exploring, we still had to drive back home to Los Angeles. Drew stopped by 7/11 for his wings but I didn’t get any because I was going to fall asleep on the car ride home but he didn’t let me. He said my job was to keep him awake so we can get home safe and that I did. We talked the whole way back.

Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite part about exploring something new =)

Have a wonderful day!

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