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Exploring Columbus, Ohio (What to See and Eat…)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was recently Exploring Columbus, Ohio. It was our first time in Columbus, and I freaking loved it! Columbus, Ohio is such a beautiful city, and the people are just incredibly friendly.

Why Columbus, Ohio?

Drew and I went to Columbus for a 3-day conference called the “Summit of Greatness” by Lewis Howes. If you haven’t heard me rave about Lewis Howes before, you have to look him up. He’s amazing! He has one of the top podcasts on iTunes called “The School of Greatness.” If you love hearing entrepreneurs speak on their journey if you like to be motivated and inspired by the most incredible people in the world you have to listen to the podcast.
Besides being in Colombus, Ohio for “The Summit of Greatness” Drew and I wanted to take advantage of the trip, so we flew in a few days early to explore the city. And I am so glad we did because it was so much fun.
So here is a little list of the restaurants and places we visited while in Columbus, Ohio. Sort of like a “mini-city guide.”

Also, our Vlog is up so you can view that here and more on our youtube channel.


I feel like half of our time was spent eating lol, but here are my favorites.

  • Hadley’s Bar + Kitchen

    Hadley’s was actually down the street from our hotel, so we ended up eating there twice! And with no apology, because the was food was delicious. My favorite the Boozy Shake pictured below. Vodka in a shake? Yes Please! YUM!
    They had a variety of flavors, but we devoured the Oreo Bonanza, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Plus with daily specials like Vegan Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, and Hot Fish Fridays they have something for everyone. I really enjoyed their Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese Strips.

  • The Crest Gastropub

    We discovered The Crest on accident. Drew and I went to a cafe that is right next door. We walked in and then changed our minds and decided to check this place out and it ended up being a great decision. I had their wood-fire turkey melt which was delicious. I had my sandwich with the truffle fries but I liked Drew’s sweet potato fries better. The place is super charming, it has a rustic feel and our server was super nice.

  • Fox in the Snow

    If you are looking for an Instagram worthy breakfast location, in Colombus, Ohio. Definitely, check out Fox in the Snow. It is the cutest bakery with plenty of natural light and rustic-style baked goods. Can I say “aesthetic goals!” And the food tastes as good as it looks.


I love going to museums, so I knew that visiting a museum in Colombus, Ohio was going to be a top priority for me, so I’m glad we found CMOA. The Colombus Museum of Art has a nice mix of modern and contemporary art. I also loved their Center for Creativity where they encourage visitors to interact with the exhibits by creating arts and crafts, sculptures, and they also encourage you to leave comments and thoughts on an index card. (Don’t forget to check the Ohio Vlog for some funny  moments in the museum, lol)

The Book Loft is a 32-room bookstore, and it’s a book lovers dream. I love the smell of books and being in the presence of actual physical books. So I absolutely love this place and would recommend everyone to visit even if you don’t buy a book. Walking through The Book Loft was sort of magical.
Also not to mention The Book Loft is located in the Historical German Village which has its own kind of magic. German Village is filled with red-brick homes with wrought iron fences and brick-paved streets. Drew and I walked through the brick-paved sidewalk, and it was absolutely beautiful. We felt like we were walking through history.

Entertainment/Night Life

Drew and I didn’t get to experience a lot of nightlife in Colombus, Ohio mainly because we’re not really a nightlife kind of couple. Although we did have some fun at,…

Their website states that this is the place to “unleash your inner child with adult beverages.” And I’m just going to agree with that statement because it was so much fun! And with cocktail drinks named after 90’s icons like Kevin Bacon, Ice T, Pam Anderson, and Janet Jackson just to name a few this place is a must.

While exploring Columbus, Ohio by foot a torrential downpour happened, so we decided to catch a movie. Things I like about this theater, it’s an independent cinema. Therefore, it shows independent films along with mainstream movies; the tickets are super cheap compared to LA movie tickets. Also, their soda and popcorn are refillable although they are huge, to begin with, so you might not even need a refill unless you’re sharing with like four friends.

Well, that was our time in Columbus, Ohio. I don’t know about you but I feel like Columbus is just one of those mid-west cities that you don’t really think about visiting. But I’m glad I got the opportunity to explore it with my fiancé. It’s such a cute city. What do you guys think, would you visit Columbus, Ohio after viewing this guide?

Let me know in the comments below,

till next time. sending lots of love & blessings,


MyRoadTEA standing in front of a brick wall while exploring Columbus Ohio

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