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Date Night

Downtown Disney

Disney – Date Night Adventure  
couple holding hands
Follow me into the Magic of Downtown Disney.

I am still a big kid at heart so I was extremely excited when Drew told me we were going to Downtown Disney for date night. Aside from being a big kid, I love fairy tales, happy endings and all things Disney. So going to “The Happiest Place on Earth” translates into awesome date night adventure.

Growing up in Boston, Disney was never a vacation destination for my family. But now that “I live where you vacation,” the place “where dreams come true” is only a short drive away.

The high energy circulating through the air as you walk into Downtown Disney is contagious. With a live 1950’s band playing music under the stars you can’t help but stop to admire the people who are courageous enough to dance freely in front of an open crowd.

live band at Downtown Disney

We didn’t dance because after admiring the atmosphere we realized our stomachs were talking and they were asking to be fed. So we decided it was time to go eat.

We picked a restaurant based on the shortest wait time and the lucky winner was Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s. Their wait time was only 15 minutes versus 45 minutes everywhere else.

Taqueria at Tortilla Jo’s was a good choice. The staff was friendly and the food delish! Drew and I ordered the chicken burrito and we were both satisfied with our choice of dish. We also indulged in some tasty Margarita drinks with chips and salsa.

Sipping on a margarita from Taqueria at Tortilla Jo's

chips and salsa

After our bellies were happy we decided to keep exploring the magic that is Downtown Disney by visiting some of their shops.

We entered this really cool hat boutique named Chapel Hats and had fun trying on their assortment of hats.

Drew in front of the mirror trying on a newspaper boy hat

Yaritza trying on a hat at Chapel Hats

Drew trying on a fedora at Chapel Hats

Picture of a Picture of Yaritza

Drew trying on vintage hats at Chapel Hats

Palm Tree Sunglasses
Trying on some stylish and fun sunglasses.

And last but not least a Disney trip wouldn’t be complete without trying on some Minnie Mouse ears.

Cheers to another successful day night.

Have you ever gone on a date to Downtown Disney? Let me know what was your favorite part in the comments below.


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