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A DIY White Christmas Love Story

DIY White Christmas with MyRoadTEA

If you live in a place like southern California where you get sunny winters you might be longing for a White Christmas. However if flying towards colder climate is not an option. You might want to create your own DIY White Christmas right in your living room.

DIY White Christmas morning with MyRoadTEA

DIY White Christmas Morning

Now imagine waking up Christmas morning to the voice of your significant other saying “it snowed last night!” And you know that can’t be true because you live in Southern California where it doesn’t snow. But they say “come see,” as they grab you by the hand and walk you into the living room. Except that it’s no longer your living room but your very own white Christmas morning.

I grew up in Boston, so white Christmases are sort of a thing. If it doesn’t snow on Christmas it’s like the magic of the holidays is missing. And when I don’t go back home for the holidays aside from missing my family, I miss the snow.

Drew is born and bread in SoCal so he’s never experienced a white Christmas morning. Last year, we had just moved in together in November so we didn’t have the means to travel. I still wanted to make our first Christmas memorable and bring him a little bit of my hometown magic.  So I put on my thinking cap and decided to surprise him with a DIY white Christmas morning.

What you will need:

I literally put everything together within a week. I looked at the space that I had which was my living room and then headed to my nearest 99¢ Only Store. They had so many cute snowflake decorations for only 99 cents that I loaded up my cart.

What I used: (Materials)

  • A variety of snowflakes
  • Silver icicle strands
  • Gingerbread House
  • Styrofoam balls to resemble snowballs
  • Shredded white paper
  • White bed sheets (you can just use the ones you have in your home)
  • String, tape, and thumbtacks

Since I wanted to surprise him in the morning, that meant I had to wake up in the middle of the night to magically transform our living room into the winter wonderland of my dreams. So in my efforts to not wake him up while I decorated I had to prep all the decorations by taking them out of their packaging and stringing all the snowflakes together in advance. So basically I was like Santa quietly delivering a gift in the dead of night.

What I did: (Directions)

  • To resemble snow falling from the sky, I hung the string of snowflakes from the ceiling using the thumbtacks. I also taped some snowflakes to the walls.
  • Then I grabbed two white bed sheets and lay them across the floor.
  • I mixed the white shredded paper, silver icicles, and Styrofoam snowballs and spread them across the white sheets.
  • Place the gingerbread house in the center.

After I finished decorating I made a special Christmas morning breakfast: chocolate chip pancakes served with fresh fruits and passion fruit mimosas. It was the perfect morning for us and he loved the surprised.

DIY White Christmas morning with MyRoadTEA

Making Snow Angels with DIY White Christmas decorations.
He started making snow angels. lol

Breakfast Food with our DIY White Christmas Morning Decorations

Juggling snow with our DIY Christmas morning decorations.
He was like a kid on Christmas morning and I loved it.
enjoying our DIY Christmas Morning
You can call me Santa’s little helper.

A DIY White Christmas Love Story

What do you think about this DIY White Christmas Morning idea?

I think I will do this again when we have kids it will be so much fun for the kiddos. Comment below, How will you be spending your Christmas morning this year? 

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