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Celebrating Birthday #32

large blue door Santa Barbara, CA

Hello TEA birds,

How is everyone doing? I am great, thanks for asking! It has been quite some time but let’s catch up on life because I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday a few weeks ago. Yay me, I just got a year older and a lot closer to mid-30s.

Actually, it’s really funny because I kept telling people I was turning 33, for some reason I was confused about my own age. yikes! For future reference, if I ever get confused about my age I hope I lower the number instead of adding them on. 

Anyway enough about my real age because how does the saying go, “It’s not about how old you are it’s about how young you feel.” And the reality is that I feel like I’m in my 20’s. 🙂 Seriously it’s so weird to think about how old I am or how I’m “adulting” because I still feel like a kid sometimes.

But alas I celebrated my birthday with a weekend adventure that included a wine tasting tour, a bicycle ride along the beach during sunset, dinner at an Italian Resturant and Brunch at Malibu Cafe all with my amazing fiancé. Then the next day I also had brunch with my beautiful ladies at Mofongos restaurant in NoHo. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any good pictures with me and my ladies since we were enjoying each others company such much we forgot to even take pictures of our food that was delicious.

Nonetheless here are my favorite Birthday weekend pics along with the Birthday Vlog  😀 enjoy!

Rideau Vineyard in Santan Ynez Valley

Wine Glass in the vineyards
One of the many wines we tasted at Rideau Vineyard in Santan Ynez Valley. (there is a group on the wine tour as well check it out here> Wine tasting Groupon )

Wheel Fun Rentals 

Santa Barbara Sunset

Sunset bike ride

Wheel Fun Rental bike

Via Maestra 42

two bow-tie pasta dishes at Via Maestra 42
his – Farfalle alla Ligure (bowtie past in fresh basil pesto sauce.) mines – Farfalle alla Salmone ( Salmon Bowtie Pasta)
italian dessert
Delicious Tartufo al Cioccolato!

Malibu Cafe

Having a glass of Wine

posing together before brunch

cute outfit, wine and Malibu Cafe

Thank you so much guys for reading my Birthday Blog, Don’t forget to also check out the Youtube video above and subscribe to the channel.  I am so grateful for every single one of you xoxo.

Outfit links

White Dress – Blush Hangbag – White Kicks  – Pleated Skirt and pink Blouse are from H&M sorry I couldn’t find links to those.

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