• Drew Anthuny taking a picture in the DIY Photo Booth with a gold backdrop and balloons that says thirty. He is hiding a photo booth prop that says Happy Birthday.
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    30 yrs old & I haven’t Taken Enough Risk to Feel Alive.

    Hi T.E.A. birds! It’s been a while since my last guest post, but it is I, Yaritza’s “Instagram fiance”…Drew. I was asked to do this guest post because I recently reached a new milestone in my life. One that many take for granted and others don’t get the gift to see. On Sunday, January 14th, I turned 30 years old. That morning I took a deep breath and smelled Capricorn season in the air, lol. But in all seriousness, I woke up and took a moment to be present and reflect on my life. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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    “List 20” A Starter Guide to Attracting the Love of Your Life

    Hello T.E.A. birds! This is Drew.  Yes, it is I…the man behind the camera. Today I am contributing a guest post about a different method of attracting someone of quality into your life that doesn’t involve an app, swiping left or right, or the internet for that matter. I call it the “List 20.” And I believe in it so much that I credit part of it to attracting the love of my life, Yaritza.  Follow my blog with Bloglovin