Women (Yaritza Betancourt) sitting on the Secret swing of Elysian Park overlooking the California freeway

Finishing another year around the sun with gratitude.​

Women (Yaritza Betancourt) sitting on the Secret swing of Elysian Park overlooking the California freeway. Being grateful.

As I approach the end of another year around the sun, I want to focus on the beginning of something new. As cliché as it sounds birthdays, New Years and anniversaries have a way of making you reminisce on the past. On what you have and haven’t accomplished. And that’s not always a good thing depending on how you look at things.

For example, I have a birthday coming up on September 30th. And as I reflected about turning a year older #34, my thoughts automatically went to the lack of accomplishments in my life. It sounds silly, but it really bummed me out. Because in my mind I’m not where I thought I would be according to my younger self, I guess. But in the process, of feeling bad about myself because of all the things I hadn’t accomplished, I realized I was negating all the dreams I had fulfilled this past year. 

Yaritza Betancourt - A Women in a yellow flower dress standing in the middle of dead high grass in Elysian Park, CA

So, I pulled out my journal (as I often do) and started writing out my thoughts and feelings surrounding my upcoming birthday. And I quickly realized how unfair I was being to myself. And at that moment something shifted. I went from feeling down about my lack of accomplishments to being grateful for all the things in my life. 

And then it hit me, “oh my gosh” I did some pretty amazing things at 33! For starters, I married Drew the love of my life who I can’t imagine living without. Our wedding was a complete dream come true. Not to mention, we were able to bring our families together for the very first time. And I was able to introduce California to my family. Big life goal check!

Another big moment for me this year was getting rid of all of my debt! Seriously I had been working towards a debt-free life for the past four and a half years. And it finally happened at 33, and I couldn’t be happier. No more student loans, car payments or credit card debt. I mean if that’s not #adulting I don’t know what is. 

on top of Elysian Park California hanging on to the secret swing overlooking the city with gratitude.

And in the midst of getting married and paying off debt. Drew and I were still able to travel and check off a couple other things from our bucket list. Our first year of marriage has been great so far. We have continued to deepen our connection and build upon our foundation. And I can’t ask for anything else really. 

Looking back has been a great eye-opener for me. And I know if I keep focusing all the positives in my life and I keep investing in myself I know that things will continue to grow in the right direction. And next year when I look back at year 34, I will once again be grateful for all the achievements thus far in my journey through life.   

Yaritza Betancourt standing in the middle of dead high grass in Elysian Park,CA. Giving the side to the her negative thoughts.

Thank you TEA Birds for sticking with me this past year. I promise I have a lot more content coming soon. In the meantime, let me know what’s your favorite birthday tradition.

Sweet Blessings,



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