Welcome to My Road To.Ever.After!

MyRoadTEA is an exploration of “ever-after’ as a journey and not a destination. I’m so excited that you are here because together we can laugh, cry and contemplate this journey we call life.

And what a journey it is. First, let me start by introducing myself. 

My name is Yaritza and I am a Puerto Rican born, Boston raised lifestyle creative living in Los Angeles. 

I married the love of my life Drew Anthuny back in November of 2018 and together we love to explore and experience new things. Check out our Wedding Ceremony, Reception and how we got engaged

After many years of privately journaling my life experiences, I’m happy to share my journey through life with you. I hope that something that you read here today encourages you to smile, love yourself and believe in the magic of love. But I’m also here to learn and be inspired by you guys so please share your stories with me in the comments or on Instagram

Much love & sweet blessing, 

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